Fact or Crap | 2024 6 x 5 Inch Daily Desktop Box Calendar | New Page Every Day

Fact or Crap | 2024 6 x 5 Inch Daily Desktop Box Calendar | New Page Every Day
CAD $22.99



Put your built-in crap detector to the ultimate test! It's your call throughout the year as you face hundreds of fascinating, fun-filled questions to find out who gets to wear the Fact or Crap crown. And believe it or not, this game doubles as a real working calendar with all days, dates and national holidays—and that's a Fact!

Boxed calendars give you something new to ponder, enjoy, or just laugh about each day of the year—with a page for every weekday and a combined Saturday-Sunday page for weekends. It's easy to remove the page at the end of the day, save your favorites for ongoing inspiration, or reuse as scratch paper to write notes. 5-7/8" wide x 4-3/4" tall pages are mounted on a sturdy cardboard stand to display on your desktop. You can purchase with the reassurance that all components are recyclable and plastic free.

  • Fun and Interesting Themes – A wide range of unique content, including pictures, trivia, puzzles, games, and more
  • Daily Calendar – Tear-away design with a page for every weekday and combined weekends
  • Compact Size – Small size is perfect for any space, from a bookcase to a desktop
  • Sturdy Easel – Mounted on sturdy, plastic-free stand for easy setup and display
  • Large, Roomy Day Blocks – Daily format with all major holidays and moon phases listed
  • Specifications – 12 months (January–December 2025); 6" x 5"
  • BrownTrout Earth-Friendly – Manufactured with sustainable materials, including Forest Stewardship Council®-certified paper and soy ink
  • Abundant Gift Options – BrownTrout has over 1,000 calendars representing favorite subjects, themes, and formats to keep you organized
Additional Information

Additional Information

ISBN 978-1-6459-1490-7
Format Box Desk - One Page Each Day
Category Fun and Humor
Publisher Cal Ink
Publish Date Aug 1, 2023
Year 2024
EAN 9781645914907
UPC 810012164627
CA MSRP CAD $22.99
Carton Quantity 40